Colour consulting

To help you find inspiration and show your creativity
through the attractive power of colour

whether you’re attracted to textured natural systems or total white, or the latest interior design trends.

OECE has always been attentive to architectural and interior design inspirations, creating fashionable colours, combinations and variations.

Leading designers use OECE to translate their ideas into works of the highest technological and aesthetic level.

The choice of colours must be made with great care, considering the resulting optical effects and sensations: only balance and perfect combinations will lend the end product a unique style. The COLOREADY tintometric system is OECE’s new tool to help customers realise and personalise their projects, with a huge choice of colours. COLOREADY makes it possible to prepare and reproduce any pigmented wood finish quickly and easily: in water for exteriors and interiors, and in polyurethane for interiors, with different levels of gloss.

Our team of colorists helps customers, architects and designers choose colours and check their potential with respect to light and architecture. Support is also provided in the reproduction of colours using the tintometric system and the spectrophotometric reading technology.

Contact us for assistance with choosing and reproducing colors